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Jayco Graphics VERDI HN/RLD - Matte Imagesetting Film is designed to provide extremely high consistency, excellent edge sharpness, high density, and a matte surface. This film is anti-static both before and after processing and is approved for stochastic screening. Compatible with all drum and capstan imagesetters that use a helium-neon laser or red laser diode as the exposing source.
· Wide exposure and development latitude
· Excellent high speed latent image stability
· Superior daylight load packaging
· Process in any standard rapid access developer
· Film is shipped 2 rolls per box
· Listed pricing is for orders of 2 - 4 rolls / per roll
· 2 roll minimum order

Film SizeQtyPrice
12" x 100'1$144.41
12" x 250'1$361.04
13.3" x 200'1$320.08
13.3" x 250'1$400.10
18" x 200'1$432.77
26" x 200'1$625.18

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