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Jayco Graphics carries premium quality plate developing chemicals at an economical price. Be sure to contact us if you do not see a specific product listed.

View a list of chemical brands we sell.

Plate Chemistry:QtyPrice
Additive Plate Chemistry
· Additive Developer1 gal$32.95
· Gum Arabic 1 gal$18.50
Subtractive Plate Chemistry
· Subtractive Plate Developer1 gal$19.97
· Subtractive plate Finisher1 gal$17.95
· Subtractive 2 in 1 (Developer & Finisher)1 gal$26.95
· Varn Chemistry-Call
· Fountain Solutions-Call
· Blanket Wash (55 gal drum)1 galCall

Film DeveloperQtyPrice
Rapid Access Chemistry ~ Concentrate Solution (Dilute 3/1)
· Rapicon Developer5 gal$98.75
· Hicon Fixer5 gal$73.00
Rapid Access Chemistry ~ Working Strength Solution
· Developer5 gal$88.88
· Fixer5 gal$97.98
Lith Chemistry
· Lithomatic A&B Developer5 gal$274.98
·ÊA&B Replenisher5 gal$285.98
·ÊLiqui Dot A&B5 gal$198.98
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